The Renesas integrated development environment, or the High-performance Embedded Workshop, offers TargetServer (COM extension function) as the interface necessary to extend its functionality. This interface can be used to create customized windows for the High-performance Embedded Workshop, as well as build an environment in which to run the High-performance Embedded Workshop in cooperation with other applications.


TargetServer has various methods published at the Web site. These methods can be used to extend the functionality of the High-performance Embedded Workshop.


TargetServer (COM extension function) is comprised of the High-performance Embedded Workshop main body and TargetServer files (EcxHewTargetServer.dll and HewTargetServer.exe). Environments based on TargetServer (COM extension function) can be constructed by incorporating an interface on the user application side (*.exe and *.dll).

[General configuration]

[Example of the High-performance Embedded Workshop operating in cooperation with TargetServer]

Usage and a list of methods

To create customized windows for the High-performance Embedded Workshop, or to run it in cooperation with other applications, use Windows application development tools. At present, the methods listed below have been confirmed to operate normally in Visual C++ Ver.6.0 from Microsoft Corporation.

[List of TargetServer methods]

  • Execution control method
  • Register
  • S/W Break
  • Variable Break
  • Variable Trace
  • Interrupt
  • Download
  • Invoke/Quit
  • Workspace
  • Configuration/Session
  • Projects
  • Build
  • File
  • Coverage
  • Others

For details on how to use, refer to the TargetServer User's Manual included with the compiler package.

Sample Program

A sample program using TargetServer methods is supplied from Renesas. This sample program uses all of TargetServer methods. Use this sample program to understand how to use each method.

[Example program execution screen]

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