KS25-3WBAEVALZ Reference Design

3-in-1 Audio System Reference Design Using Renesas Audio ICs and RX65N Microcontroller

The 3-in-1 audio system reference design is a turnkey, ready to use solution available for audio system developers. By adding or deleting design blocks, the same reference design can be configured as a Smart Speaker, Sound bar, or Powered Speaker. A demo board built from the reference design is available to testing and modifying the design.



The 3-in-1 audio system reference design is a full featured high end audio solution that can be configured into three separate audio solutions:

  • Smart Speaker with Alexa voice control and commands
  • A powered speaker solution
  • A sound bar solution

The design offers all standard audio input formats including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio streams as well as configurable speaker outputs including the ability add wireless subwoofers, wireless surround speakers, and/or wireless speaker pairing (depending on the configuration).

The design uses either Renesas D2-3 or D2-6 family of Audio ICs. These are complete System on-Chip (SoC) audio processors and Class-D amplifier controllers. Integrated DSP processing and configurable audio processing algorithms provide an extremely flexible platform for feature rich and cost-effective quality audio solutions for consumer electronics applications.

The design also features the Renesas RX65N microcontroller. The RX Family is the new generation of microcontrollers built around the revolutionary RX core, which combines the strengths of RISC and CISC architectures. Products in the RX Family feature integrated digital signal processor (DSP) and floating point arithmetic processor modules. The RX600 series is optimized for high speed and superior performance.




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Key Features

  • Audio Performance
    • Amp Freq Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0.5dB
    • THD+N: < 0.3%
    • SNR: > 110dB (ref Full Power)
  • Audio Inputs Available
    • RCA Phono Jack
    • XLR/TRS Combicon
    • Coaxial S/PDIF
    • USB Audio Streaming
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • WiFi w/”Alexa” Voice Control
    • Bluetooth 4.2
  • App Control
    • Portable app code for iPhone or Android OS
  • System Microcontroller
    • Renesas RX65N
  • Audio DSP Engine
    • Renesas D2-3 or D2-6 family Audio Processor
    • Configurable sound stream using D2 Audio Customization GUI
    • Optional Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and/ or DTS decoding
  • Audio Outputs Available
    • GaN FET Power Output Stage
    • Stereo Digital Output: Coaxial Digital
    • Wireless Subwoofer link available
    • Wireless Surround Sound or Stereo Speaker pairing available


RX65x Series MCUs

RXv2 Core, Large-capacity RAM, and Enhanced Security, Connectivity, and HMI


  • Enhanced Security
    • MPU, AES, DES, SHA, TRNG, Unique ID
    • Trusted security IP, trusted memory, key management
    • Area protection, ID code protection
  • Optimized Connectivity Hub Architecture
    • USB, Ethernet, SDHI/SDIO, Up to 17 serial channels
    • Layered bus architecture with DMA, external DMA and data transfer controller
  • High Performance
    • 546 Coremarks at 120MHz, 32-bit core with DSP
    • Extensive peripheral set, and variants with up to 640KB RAM, 2MB Flash, Ethernet and TFT-LCD
    • Scalable product range to fit exact need
  • Advanced HMI for Consumer Devices
    • Variants with graphic LCD with 2D engine and CMOS camera interface
  • Power Efficient
    • High efficiency 40nm process, 34 CoreMark/mA
  • Comprehensive Development Tools and Software
    • IAR IDE and Eclipse-based e2stucio IDE
    • Free middleware and drivers from Renesas
    • Extensive RTOS support, including FreeRTOS

RX65N/RX651 Group Product Block Diagram




The D2-6 family of Digital Audio Processors is a complete System on Chip (SoC) audio processor and Class-D amplifier controller.

Integrated DSP processing and configurable audio processing algorithms provide and extremely flexible platform for feature rich and cost effective quality audio solutions.


Key Features

  • Advanced D2-6 Digital Audio Processor Family
  • Total System on Chip (SoC)
    • All Digital Class-D Amplifier Controller
    • Full 5.1/7.1/9.1-Channel Amplifier Platform Support
  • Enhanced Audio Processing Decoders
    • Dolby® Digital/AC3, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Pro Logic IIx, DTS®(SRS) TruSurround HD4™ , DTS® Studio Sound II, DTS® TruVolume
  • D2 Audio DSP Processor Embedded Audio Enhancement and Virtualization Firmware
  • Expanded On-Chip Memory Capacity
  • Integrated DSP Processing
    • 12 Channels of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Including Equalizers, Filters, Mixers and Other Common Audio
  • Processing Blocks
    • Fully Configurable and Routable Audio Signal Paths
  • Flexible Audio Input and Output Configurations


D2 Audio Customization GUI v3
Drag and drop simplicity to audio flow customization


Audio ICs Product Portfolio

  Sound Processors Power Stage
Family D2-4 family D2-3 family D2-6 family D2-IPS
ASRC Channels 2x 8 Channels  
PWM Channels 5 Ch 12 Channels 4 Ch
Signal Flow Fixed Configurable  
Optional Decoders DTS® Wow Dolby® Digital,
Dolby® Pro Logic® II
Dolby® Digital,
Dolby® Pro Logic® II, DTS® Digital
Surround, Dolby® Digital Plus
Supported Audio Inputs 1x I2S
4x fault INT
4x I2S
2x (1x) S/PDIF
8x fault INT
ADC (non-HT only)
4x I2S
8x fault INT
Supported Audio Outputs 5x (4x) PWM 12x PWM 12x PWM 10W x 4
3x PWM 4x I2S 4x I2S 25W x 2
1x S/PDIF 1x S/PDIF 1x S/PDIF 50W x 1
Value Add Features D2 Audio PWM Engine, Graceful Fault Recovery, D2 Sound Enhancement Algorithms, D2 Audio Customization GUI v3

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