The RELOC Wi-Fi FSP driver adds ATWINC15x0 Wi-Fi module support to the Renesas RA ecosystem in order to simplify the development of wirelessly connected products. The driver package includes a comprehensive IoT example application based on FreeRTOS and AWS IoT Cloud services.


  • Integration of a low power ATWINC15x0 Wi-Fi module into the Renesas Flexible Software Package (FSP), supporting both Wi-Fi station and AP modes
  • Rapid development of Renesas RA MCU Family IoT projects relying on comprehensive FreeRTOS connectivity bundle, including MQTTs 3.1.1, HTTPs, TLS1.2, firmware over-the-air (OTA) secure updates
  • ATWINC1500 PMOD board available for simple connection to Renesas EK-RA6Mx kits
  • Supported toolchains: e2 studio and Keil
  • Example project with AWS IoT cloud services integration
  • Full customization service offered


  • Smart appliances
  • Smart homes and buildings
  • Energy metering
  • Industrial control
  • IoT Cloud gateways

Documentation & Downloads

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RELOC Wi-Fi FSP Driver Product Brief PDF 273 KB

Software / Tools

Title Type Description Company
Flexible Software Package (FSP) Software Package The Renesas RA Flexible Software Package (FSP) provides a quick and versatile way to build secure connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the Renesas RA Family of Arm microcontrollers (MCUs). FSP provides production ready peripheral drivers, FreeRTOS and middleware stacks to take advantage of the FSP ecosystem. Renesas
e² studio IDE and Coding Tool Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE). (Note: You need to install compiler separately as an additional software) Renesas

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