The ISL59605-SPI-EVALZ board enables evaluation of the ISL59605 MegaQ™ IC, and provides a reference schematic and PCB layout for a MegaQ implementation on a 4-layer PCB. In addition to the MegaQ equalization path, the board features a USB interface that allows access to, and control of, the MegaQ internal configuration registers, enabling several features that are not available when using the stand-alone configuration.

The ISL59601, ISL59602, ISL59603, and ISL59605 (the "MegaQ™" product family) are single-channel adaptive equalizers designed to automatically compensate for long runs of Cat 5/6 or RG-59 cable, producing high quality video output with no user interaction. The ISL59601 equalizes Cat 5/6 up to a distance of 1000 feet (300 meters), while the ISL59605 equalizes up to 5300 feet (1600 meters).


  • ISL59605 equalizes up to 1 mile (1600m) of Cat 5/6 and up to 6000 feet (1800m) of RG-59
  • Fully automatic, stand-alone operation - No user adjustment required
  • ±8kV ESD protection on all inputs
  • Automatic cable type compensation
  • Compatible with color or monochrome, NTSC or PAL signals
  • Automatic polarity detection and inversion
  • Compensates for ±3dB source variation (in addition to cable losses)
  • Optional serial interface adds additional functionality
  • 5MHz -3dB bandwidth
  • Works with single-ended or differential inputs
  • Output drives up to two 150Ω video loads


  • Surveillance video
  • Video distribution

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ISL59605-SPI-EVALZ User Guide Manual PDF 1.57 MB