R2A20134SP is a LED lighting controller IC. Control method is selectable for each system demand, fixed frequency or zero current detection mode. High accuracy LED current feed-back system makes more efficient LED performance. Critical Conduction Mode PFC control realizes high power factor and zero current switching. And Peak Current Mode makes it possible to reduce external parts and realize low system cost.


  • Absolute Maximum Ratings Supply voltage Vcc: 24 V Junction temperature Tj: –40 to +150°C
  • Electrical characteristics UVLO operation start voltage VH: 12 V ± 0.8 V UVLO operation shutdown voltage VL: 9.2 V ± 0.7 V UVLO hysteresis voltage Hysuvl: 2.8 V ± 0.7 V
  • Functions Selectable for each targeted system, 1. Zero current detection mode (When Rrt is connected by GND) 2. Fixed frequency mode (When Rrt is connected by Vref) Adjustable for Switching frequency (When Rrt is connected by Vref) Overcurrent protection Package lineup: Pb-free SOP-8 (JEDEC)


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Active SOP Reel


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star R2A20134SP データシート English データシート PDF 98 KB
R2A20134EVB-TINW R2A20134評価ボード English アプリケーションノート PDF 623 KB
R2A20134EVB-NNWE アプリケーションノート R2A20134評価ボード English アプリケーションノート PDF 551 KB
R2A20135EVB-ND2 調光対応、PFC機能付200V系R2A20135評価ボード English アプリケーションノート PDF 500 KB
R2A20134ASP アプリケーションノート English アプリケーションノート PDF 74 KB
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