The RL78/G14 Motor Control Demonstration Kit (YRMCKITRL78G14) for brushless AC motor control uses sinusoidal field oriented control and sensorless three-shunt current measurement.


  • Brushless AC motor (e.g. permanent magnet AC)
  • Sinusoidal field oriented control
  • Sensorless three shunts
  • MCU: RL78/G14 (16-bit, 41DMIPS)
  • On-board inverter power stage: MOSFETs RJK0654 (LFPAK, 30A/60V, Rth = 2.27°C/W,L = 1.1nH, RDSON = 6.5mOhm)
  • 13KB Flash for motor control algorithm including parameter storage and GUI interface functions
  • 2KB RAM used
  • Available CPU time: 30% [86μs used for FOC algorithm calculations]
  • Switching frequency: Up to 24KHz
  • Sampling frequency: Up to 8KHz
  • Communication:
    • USB connection: RL78.G14 GUI, Isolated programming and IAR debugging interfaces
    • Direct Connection: RL78/G14 E1 interface for additional debug & development
    • Windows 7 64-bit version supported


  • Brushless AC motor control


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RL78G14 Motor Contol Kit ガイド PDF 5.04 MB
YRMCKITRL78G14 Motor Control Starter Kit クイックスタートガイド PDF 504 KB
YRMCKITRL78G14-control-pc-gui ソフトウェア ZIP 4.68 MB
YRMCKITRL78G14-design-files 設計ファイル ZIP 1.91 MB
motor-control-IAR-project-workspace ソフトウェア ZIP 249 KB
FL28BL26-15V-8006AF Model (1) 回路図 PDF 49 KB
Renesas Motor Control Solutions プレゼンテーション PDF 1.74 MB