RT-RK offers cutting edge expertise on Renesas dedicated I/Ps for computer vision, deep learning and video processing. RT-RK offers consulting and services on computer vision and machine learning to optimize the performance of Tier 1 and OEM algorithm on Renesas products.

Computer Vision:

  • CVe: MTMD parallelization
  • IMPc: configurable pre-processing-post pipeline (100 transformations)
  • PSC: pyramidal image scaling
  • Memory Pipeline: DDR - scratchpad - LWM

Deep Learning:

  • CNN FE: improving configurability and usage of CNN Toolchain
  • CNN FW: from Caffe model to optimized forward propagation
  • Custom Layer - development: Fully Connected, Convolution 1x1, other on demand
  • CNN Toolchain – customer integration support of Renesas tailored ISP for Human Vision and Machine Vision


  • Stereo Block Matching IP – usage and configuration
  • Optical Flow IP – usage and configuration
  • Classifier IP - usage and configuration

Image Processing:

  • IMR – camera capture integration into pipeline
  • ISP – usage and configuration, customization, development of advanced pipelines


  • Basic: introduction of Renesas I/Ps, tool chain, vision pipeline
  • Advanced: focus on machine learning and CNN I/P


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