12V Power Distribution Controller Evaluation Boards


The ISL6115EVAL1Z and ISL6115AEVAL1Z evaluation boards are default provided as +12V high-side switch controllers with the CR level set at ~1.5A (ISL6115EVAL1Z) or ~2.5A (ISL6115AEVAL1Z)

Bias and load connection points are provided along with test points for each IC pin. With J1 installed the ISL6115/A will be biased from the +12V supply (VIN) being switched. Connect the load to VLOAD+. The PWRON pin pulls high internally enabling the ISL6115/A if not driven low via PWRON test point or J2.

With R3 = 750Ω, the CR Vth is set to 15mV, and with the 10mΩ sense resistor (R1), the ISL6115EVAL1Z has a nominal CR level of 1.5A. The 0.01µF delay time to latch-off capacitor results in a nominal 1ms before latch-off of output after an OC event.

With R3 = 1.24kΩ, the CR Vth is set to 24.8mV, and with the 10mΩ sense resistor (R1), the ISL6115AEVAL1Z has a nominal CR level of ~2.5A. The 0.01µF delay time to latch-off capacitor results in a nominal 1ms before latch-off of output after an OC event.

Also included with the ISL6115EVAL1Z board are one each of the ISL6116, ISL6117 and ISL6120 for evaluation of those ICs in a high-side application. Remove J1 and provide a separate +12V IC bias supply via VBIAS test point.

Reconfiguring the ISL6115EVAL1Z and ISL6115AEVAL1Z boards for a higher CR level can be done by changing the RSENSE and/or RISET resistor values as the provided FET is rated for a much higher current.

Key Features

  • Hot swap single power distribution control
  • Overcurrent fault isolation
  • Programmable current regulation level
  • Programmable current regulation time to latch-off
  • Rail-to-rail common mode input voltage range
  • Internal charge pump allows the use of an N-channel MOSFET for +12V control
  • Undervoltage and overcurrent latch indicators
  • Adjustable turn-on ramp
  • Protection during turn-on
  • Two levels of overcurrent detection provide fast response to varying fault conditions
  • 1μs response time to dead short
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)


  • Power distribution control
  • Hot plug components and circuit

ISL6115AEVAL1Z Power Distribution Controller Evaluation Board

ISL6115AEVAL1Z Evaluation Board

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