Isolation Amplifier Digital Output photocouplers (optocouplers) are optically coupled isolation amplifiers that use an IC with a high-accuracy sigma-delta A/D converter and a GaAIAs light-emitting diode with high-speed response and high luminance efficiency on the input side, and an IC with a digital signal (MDAT, MCLK) output function on the output side. These couplers are designed specifically for high common mode transient immunity (CMTI) and high linearity (nonlinearity) applications, making them ideal for current sensing in motor drives.


  • nternal Reference Voltage Tolerance (GE = ±0.5 % TYP.)
  • Effective Number of Bit (ENOB = 13.8 bits TYP.)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature (TA = -40 to 110 °C)
  • Non-linearity (INL = 25 LSB MAX.)
  • Input Offset Voltage (VOS = 2 mV MAX.)
  • Input Offset Voltage Drift vs. Temperature (|dVos/dTA= 2.5 μV/°C MAX.)
  • Output Clock Frequency (fCLK = 10 MHz TYP.)
  • High common mode transient immunity (CMR = 15 kV/μs MIN.)
  • Long creepage distance (8 mm MIN.)
  • Embossed tape product: RV1S9353ACCSP-120x#KC0: 2 000 pcs/reel
  • Pb-Free product
  • Safety standards
    • UL approved: No. UL1577, Double protection
    • CSA approved: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1, Reinforced insulation
    • DIN EN 60747-5-5 approved (Option)


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