Renesas offers solution kits packaging the hardware, software and integrated development environment necessary for enabling many users to start evaluation and development safely, quickly and easily.


Following Kick Start kit and 2 types of Reference Design are available. Please select as you prefer.

Kick Start Kit

This kit is for protocol stack evaluation.

EC-1 Kick Start Kit

Reference Design

Remote I/O Trial Kit

This kit helps to reduce the development time of remote I/O products.

EC-1 Remote I/O Trail Kit

Bus Interface Solution Kit

This kit makes the development industrial ethernet products easy.

EC-1 Bus Interface Kit

For use of each kit in the development time line

R-IN32M3 Kits using timing to development

Kick Start Kit

Protocol stack evaluation environment platform

Renesas offers the IAR Kick-Start Kit and protocol stacks evaluated using the Kick-Start Kit as a development environment that helps you to start development more quickly and easily.

By using this platform, even users developing Industrial Ethernet products for the first time can set up the development environments for initial communication and evaluation of the R-IN32M3 easily at the same time.

So, you can shift to the phase of concrete development quickly.

In addition, Renesas's provides documents and software that are necessary for development on our web-site. Please refer to following webpages.

Kick-Start Kit

The R-IN32M3 IAR Kick Start Kit for Renesas's R-IN32M3 helps you to evaluate the device and development your product and your application. It contains an evaluation board, software development tools with sample projects and a hardware debug emulator.

  • Evaluation board (R-IN32M3-EC Board Lite)
  • JTAG-ICE (I-jet Lite)
  • EWARM 30-day time-limited evaluation license (or code size limited evaluation license)
  • Sample projects

Protocol Stacks (Sample Ver.)

The protocols supported by this platform are EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT and Modbus TCP.

The protocol stacks provided for this platform have been evaluated on the IAR Kick-Start Kit. If you require a commercial version, please contact the protocol vendors.

Reference Design

Remote I/O Trial Kit

Renesas offers the Remote I/O Trial Kit and protocol stacks evaluated using the trial kit as a development environment that helps you to start development more quickly and easily.

This solution consists of the remote I/O module, software, document and schematic, and Renesas provides it as a free rental as a one-package solution.


  1. Greatly reduce the product development period
    Renesas provides a one-package solution that covers the optimization of the BOM cost of the overall system, consideration of safety standards, and conformance testing for the Industrial Ethernet communication protocol
  2. Supports the easy development of multi-protocol remote I/O products
    You can develop a remote I/O product supporting multiple protocols easily and at low cost because the R-IN32M3 built into this trial kit supports protocols such as EtherCAT, CC-Link IE, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and so on and includes an EtherPHY LSI and large internal memory.



24V digital output
NPN type 16 channels
Rated output voltage 24 V
Rated output current 0.1 A / channel, 2 A / module
24V digital iuput
NPN type 16 channels
Rated output voltage 24 V
Rated output current Under 4 mA / channel
Power supply
Rated voltage 24 V
Internal consumption current Under 100 mA

Kit Contents

Item Providing / Rental Format
Remote-I/O module Rental for a specified time period by obtaining permission for use
Software Remote I/O application function
Industrial Ethernet communication1
ESI file for EtherCAT communication1
Document (Application Note)
Schematics (OrCAD data, layout PDF)

1. Offerings may vary according to supported protocol stack.


The supported protocols vary by region.

Protocol Item Provider / Contact
EtherCAT - Remote I/O control software (including EtherCAT communication)
- ESI file
Please inquire here
EtherNet/IP TBD