The P9235A-RB is a highly integrated, magnetic induction, wireless power transmitter supporting up to 5W of total wireless system power. The P9235-RB offers a pre-programmed bootloader that must be used in conjunction with an external flash memory that contains control firmware. This architecture gives user a flexibility to change the firmware in the external flash to meet application specific requirements. IDT also provides firmware to implement standard WPC coil configurations such as the A11a.

The P9235A-RB includes an under-voltage lockout, Foriegn object detection (FOD)  and thermal management circuit to safeguard the device under fault conditions. Together with the P9225-R receiver (RX), the P9235A-RB forms a complete 5W wireless power system solution.

The P9235A-RB is available in a Pb-free, space-saving 5 × 5 mm 40-VFQFPN package. The product is rated over an
operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


  • Power transfer up to 5W
  • Wide input voltage range: 4.25V to 21V
  • WPC compatible
  • Integrated step-down switching regulator
  • Embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor (trademark of ARM, Ltd.)
  • Integrated drivers for external power FETs
  • Simultaneous voltage and current demodulation scheme for robust communication
  • Integrated current sense amplifier
  • Low standby power
  • Dedicated remote temperature sensing
  • Two LED outputs that can indicate power transfer and fault conditions
  • Foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Active-LOW enable pin for electrical on/off
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Supports I2C interface
  • -40 to +85°C ambient operating temperature range
  • 5 × 5 mm 40-VFQFPN RoHS-compliant package


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star P9235A-RB Datasheet データシート PDF 426 KB
P9235A-RB Layout Guide ガイド PDF 1.90 MB
Tuning Qi and AirFuel / PMA Inductive Resonance Circuits for Optimal Efficiency ホワイトペーパー PDF 627 KB
PCN# : A1904-01 Add Greatek, Taiwan as an Alternate Assembly Facility 製品変更通知 PDF 983 KB
PCN# : W1905-01 Product Change Notice for TSMC Fab6 Alternate Foundry 製品変更通知 PDF 1.15 MB
Wireless Power Products Overview 概要 PDF 1.14 MB
P9235A-R Wireless Power Transmitter for 3W Applications 製品概要 PDF 246 KB
Wireless Power Reference Solution for 0.5W to 3W Applications (WP3W-RK) 製品概要 PDF 333 KB


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P9235A-RB A11a Configuration Flash HEX File ソフトウェア/ツール-その他 ZIP 38 KB


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P9235A-RB-EVK Evaluation Board for P9235A-RB Evaluation Renesas