Renesas DSP synthesizers products include a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) system in a single package and a numerically controlled oscillator (NCO12) that has applications as a DDS and modulator in low cost digital radios, satellite terminals and function generators.


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AN9509: Digital IF Subsampling Using the HI5702, HSP45116 and HSP43220 アプリケーションノート PDF 443 KB
TB314: Quadrature Down Conversion With the HSP45116, HSP43168 and HSP43220 その他資料 PDF 194 KB
TB318: The NCO as a Stable, Accurate Synthesizer その他資料 PDF 263 KB
TB327: Using the HSP45116 / HSP45116A as a Complex Multiplier Accumulator その他資料 PDF 386 KB
TB319: Reading the Phase Accumulator of the HSP45106 その他資料 PDF 228 KB
TB315: Processing Signals At Increased Sample Rates With Multiple HSP45116's その他資料 PDF 188 KB
TB316: Pipeline Delay Through the HSP45116 その他資料 PDF 190 KB
TB317: Pipeline Delay Through the HSP45106 その他資料 PDF 214 KB