ISL6398 Digital 6-Phase PWM Controller

Added on 2015-03-28

Introducing the ISL6398, Advanced Linear EAPP Digital 6-Phase controller for infrastructure solutions. The ISL6398 can be digitally configured and monitored using PowerNavigator(TM) GUI software. The ISL6398 is also able to accomplish accurate Auto phase shedding.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Chance Dunlap. I'm with Intersil Corporation at APEC 2015. And today I'd like to show you our new ISL6398. This device is a six-phase PWM controller that is our hybrid digital solution for powering next generation ASICs and Cores. The device demonstrated here is using the ISL6398 to deliver 40A per phase. Now we have it set up with a three-phase configuration to deliver 120A to the output. So in this solution, as you can see in the scope behind it, we have active phase dropping. So depending on the load transient, the device will automatically add or shed phases to give you the maximum efficiency possible.

As a hybrid digital solution, this device is completely configured and monitored using our PowerNavigator GUI. So as you can see on the screen, the GUI is able to monitor the output voltage, input voltage, output current and temperature, and have all the set up parameters, such as output voltage and even compensation, set up and controlled through the GUI. So this one page as an example, within the GUI, we have selectable compensation. So you can tune an entire device and set up a type three compensation, choosing the different Rs and Cs all through the GUI, saving that to its internal memory. This speeds up your development time by not having to use a soldering iron for rework in the board, everything can be done through simple point and click of the GUI.