RX Webinar Package

RX Introduction and Agenda

RX Product Groups

RX Features

RX Safety and Security

RX Tools

RX Applications

RX Summary


Product Introduction

RX Introduction and Agenda

RX Features

RX Product Groups


FFT Demo using RX Family DSP Library



RX Applications


RX Safety and Security

Threats to IoT devices

Demo of OTA Secure firmware Update  


What is Motor RSSK

Motor RSSK [Set-up]

Renesas Motor Workbench [Set-up]

Motor Control Software [Download]

Analyzer [Basic]

Tuner [Basic]

Analyzer + Tuner [Application]

Math Function

Status Indicator Function

Support More Than 9 Channels

Alias Name Function

IoT Cloud

Getting Started with Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit

Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit Setup Guide

Capacitive Touch

Capacitive Touch Evaluation System

Waterproof Function Demonstration Video

Restriction-Free Panel Materials Demonstration Video

Capacitive Touch LED Lighting Demo

Touch + Motor Control Demo

3D Gesture Demo

2D Gesture Demo  

Getting Started with QE for Capacitive Touch

QE for Capacitive Touch [Tutorial -Settings-]

QE for Capacitive Touch [Tutorial -Tuning-]

QE for Capacitive Touch [Tutorial -Monitoring-]


Motor Failure Detection with e-AI

e-AI Failure Prediction Becomes Standard Operation

Voice Recognition

Renesas Voice Recognition Solution

Voice Recognition Solution – Doorway Demo

Development Tool


RX Tools

IDE Easy Installation

e² studio - How to install and get ready

e² studio - How to build and debug

IDE How to Use

e² studio - Importing a HEW Project

e² studio - Creating Loops in your C code

e² studio - Creating gauges & other visual feedback

e² studio - Using the Real-time Chart View

e² studio - How to Display and Configure Hot Keys

e² studio - Importing and Exporting an e² studio Project

e² studio - Code Formatting

Smart Configurator

Smart Configurator Introduction

CMT Driver (LED blinking)

A/D Converter (potentiometer to control LED Blinking)

Evaluation Kit

Unboxing the Renesas RX65N Envision Kit

RX65N Envision Kit Creating Graphical User Interfaces

Renesas Electronics RX130 Starter Kit | New Product Brief


Renesas RX65N Embedded Trust Training Video


Renesas MCU Car Rally 2019 (Short Version)

Renesas MCU Car Rally 2019