How to Find RoHS Compliance Certificate by Part Name

RoHS compliance status of semiconductor products (RoHS certificate by part name)

EU RoHS and China RoHS compliance status information are available from the Ordering tab of each product page on this website. *This procedure does not apply to former Intersil products.

1. Search for part name on Renesas website

First, go to the Renesas website.

Type the part name into the searchbox at the top of the page as shown in the below screenshot.

Type the part name into the searchbox at the top of the page to search

2. Select an ordering part number

As shown in the below example screenshot, hits matching your part name will be shown. Select the appropriate part number (for example, the one circled in orange).

Please note that RoHS compliance status depends on product specifications, so you must specify a part number.

Select an ordering part number from the search results

3. The product specifications will be displayed

Select the “Ordering” tab and click the plus (+) icon in the "Package Info" column as shown in the following screenshot to see the RoHS compliance status (circled in orange below).

Click on the PDF icon or text link to download the certificate.

RoHS compliance status shown in Ordering tab

4. The RoHS certificate will be displayed

Please note that certificates are not available for all of Renesas' products (usually, general-purpose and standard parts only).

If you require a RoHS compliance certificate for a part that is not posted on the website, please contact a Renesas sales office or representative.

Example of RoHS certificate downloaded from Renesas website