As part of Renesas’ expanding healthcare solutions offering, we developed the Healthcare Meters Kit as a proof of concept – one that will enable customers to reduce their time to market. The kit contains four fully functional modules for activity, heart rate/pulse oximeter (HRM/SpO2), blood glucose (BGM), and blood pressure (BPM).

Kit Highlights:

  • HRM/SpO2, BGM and BPM modules
  • Complete kit to monitor key vitals
  • Form factor designed for easy debugging and prototyping
  • Mobile access via iOS and Android apps

Renesas Healthercare Meters Kit Modules


Healthcare Kit Activity Module

The Activity module is loaded with sensors – ambient light, pressure, humidity, temperature, haptic, and a 9-axis motion, which lends itself for implementing a variety of algorithms. Out of the box, the module measures and displays, using all the sensors; the following parameters are available on the mobile app: steps, distance, calories, active time, and raw data. Wireless and USB charging capabilities are provided for flexibility, along with a fuel-gauge function for the battery.

Heart Rate/Pulse Ox

Healthcare Heart Rate Kit

The Heart Rate/Pulse Ox module uses a finger-based optical sensing technique to determine the heart rate and pulse ox parameters, which are displayed on an LCD display and mobile app. Battery charging is done through a USB port, and touch buttons let you switch between modes.

Blood Glucose

Healthcare Blood Kit

The Blood Glucose module uses an electrochemical strip technology to measure blood glucose, which is displayed on an LCD display and mobile app. Battery charging is done through a USB port, and touch buttons let you change settings.

Blood Pressure

Healthcare Blood Pressure Kit

The Blood Pressure module uses a cuff, plus pump method, to monitor blood pressure, which is displayed on an LCD display and mobile app. Battery charging is done through a USB port, and touch buttons let you change settings.

The Healthcare Meters solution kit showcases the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, featuring the Synergy S3 MCU, RL78/G1D Intelligent Bluetooth® Smart MCU, and the USB Charger IC. Renesas Synergy is a complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation. RL78/G1D is an industry-leading, low-power Bluetooth Smart v4.1 MCU. Renesas also has a portfolio of USB battery charger ICs.

Customers have the option to use Wi-Fi or cellular technology for connectivity instead of the provided Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) function. The mobile app can be further enhanced by providing back-end connectivity to a cloud platform and building a dashboard in the cloud. These dashboards can be a single point of interaction between the doctor, caregiver/family and patient.


Xaplos - Healthcare Meters Kit Partner

Renesas partnered with Xaplos to implement the Healthcare Meters Kit. Xaplos developed the firmware, hardware and the iOS/Android apps. Their depth of experience and breadth of expertise allowed them to create the end-to-end reference design which includes sensors, analog front-end, Bluetooth BLE, and wireless charging, all brought together using the Synergy Platform.


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  • Wireless charging
  • Fuel gauge
  • USB charging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • LCD screen
  • Touch buttons
  • Sensors on activity
    • Ambient light
    • Pressure
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Haptic
    • 9-axis motion


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Renesas Synergy™, RL78/G1D Healthcare Meters Kit Modifications for Continua Certification Rev.1.00
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