From industrial robotic systems to personal service robots, the market for robots that can safely coexist with human beings is expected to continue to grow. Functional safety enables humans to interact safely with robots. Renesas provides functional safety solutions at the microcontroller level, and in reference kits to reduce the burden on system development.

The subcontracting company that sells the safety controller has functional safety certification IEC61508 SIL2 for both microcontrollers and boards, and provides the higher safety level IEC61508 SIL3 to support introduction into the market for certified devices.

Recommended Renesas Devices
Block Semiconductor Recommended product name Features, etc.
Functional safety Microcontroller RX microcontroller Provides safety solutions for systems
Safety controller Microcontroller Controller Controller board with IEC61508 SIL3 functional safety certification
Controller board with IEC61508 SIL2 functional safety certification