The R2A25110KSP is a single channel IGBT gate-drive IC and suitable for high voltage inverter application. The Micro Isolator with the coreless transformer structure is adopted for data transfer with high voltage isolation between the primary circuit (MCU side) and the secondary circuit (IGBT side).

This device contains IGBT gate drive circuit, Miller clamp circuit, soft turn-off circuit as well as several types of protection circuits such as IGBT temperature detection. This device also supports driving parallel IGBTs.


  • On-chip Micro Isolator (isolated circuit)
    • High voltage isolation: 2500VRMS
    • High Common Mode Rejection (CMR: over 35kV/us
  • High output gate drive circuit
    • Gate drive output resistance: 1.0 Ohm max (IGBT parallel connection available)
    • On-chip active Miller clamp function
    • On-chip soft turn-off function
  • Various on-chip protection circuits
    • IGBT emitter current detection circuit: 2 channels
    • Over current detection (Vth : 0.25 V typ.), short circuit detection(Vth: 0.5 V typ.)
    • Over current detection function can be enabled/disabled (SEL pin)
    • IGBT temperature detection circuit: 2 channels
    • On-chip under voltage lockout circuit
      • VCC1 (5 V primary side): 4.1 V typ.
      • VCC2 (15 V secondary side): 10 V typ.
    • On-chip over temperature protection circuit (200 ℃)
    • FAULT feedback with adjustable FAULT hold time by the external capacitor
  • Operating temperature: - 40 to 125 ℃ (junction temperature: 150 ℃ max)


  • Main inverters for EV/HEV in automotive applications
  • Converters for EV/HEV in automotive applications
  • Inverters and converters for industrial instruments


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