Renesas' portfolio of transistor arrays includes NPN, PNP and NPN-PNP combination transistor arrays based on our complementary UHF-1 SOI process. This portfolio also includes ultra-high frequency transistor arrays for VHF/UHF amplifiers, VHF/UHF mixers, IF converters, and synchronous detectors. Dual long-tailed pair transistor arrays and Gilbert Cell UHF transistor arrays are also available for wireless communication systems, radio and satellite communications, and high-performance instrumentation.

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HFA3046 Ultra High Frequency Transistor Arrays


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AN5296: Application of the CA3018 Integrated-Circuit Transistor Array Application Note PDF 586 KB
AN9723: Single-Ended to Differential Twisted Pair Driver Application Note PDF 239 KB
AN9744: RF Up/Down Conversion Is Simplified By Linear Arrays Application Note PDF 299 KB
AN9816: High Frequency AGC Has Digital Control Application Note PDF 238 KB
AN9641: High-Frequency VGA Has Digital Control Application Note PDF 207 KB
AN9528: 900MHz Down Converter Consumes Little Power Application Note PDF 204 KB


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