Renesas Synergy™ Secure Programming for Manufacturing & Remote Updating of IoT Devices

Added on 2018-06-27

Renesas Synergy Secure Flash Programming Solution for Secure Manufacturing and Remote Updating of IoT Devices.

OEMs building connected IoT devices face risks that include: product disruption, eavesdropping and hijacking, exploits which can be used to shut down or damage vital industrial infrastructure or cause injury, liability and Damage to brand, IP theft, product Cloning and Overproduction. Given the increased complexity of the global supply chain, extra security and diligence is needed to ensure that the integrity and authenticity of a product is maintained in the manufacturing environment and not compromised throughout the entire manufacturing cycle regardless of the location and security level and capabilities of the Contract Manufacturer’s (CM’s) or OEM’s manufacturing personnel and processes. The secure flash programming solution based on the Synergy Platform enables OEMs to maintain product integrity, authenticity, and production counts without such dependencies on the CM’s capabilities.  It also provides for secure remote updates to devices in the field without relying on the security environment of the device in the field.