DevCon 2015: Renesas Synergy™ Software Package Architecture Session

Added on 2018-06-27

Lecture: 6C02BA: The purpose of this one hour lecture is to introduce attendees to the concept of Renesas Synergy Software as a platform.

Renesas Synergy Software abstracts the hardware and low level software through a rich set of APIs for software developers. The features of the software are rich enough for developers to not have to create a platform by integrating a variety of software components sourced from different providers. This platform provides all the building blocks such as an RTOS, Networking Stacks, a USB communication stack, Graphics capabilities and integration with all Renesas Synergy Hardware platforms. The platform is augmented by a variety of software add-on components available from different technology partners and this lecture introduces the key add-on software that developers can use if their applications demand such functionality. During the presentation, we will highlight a few different end applications that specifically benefit from the features of Synergy Software.