DevCon 2015: Autonomous Driving and R Car H2

Added on 2018-06-27

Renesas Presents at DevCon 2015 the "Skyline Fleet", Renesas’ Autonomous Driving Development Platform

The “Skyline Fleet,” Renesas’ Autonomous Driving Development Platform, exhibits the building blocks of vehicle autonomy with demonstrations of sensor fusion, forward camera image recognition, 3D Surround View, and V2X Communication, all powered through a Renesas processor system architected for fail-operational capability. Key to rapid software development in the Skyline Fleet is Harbrick’s Polysync, an autonomous driving development platform running on two RCar H2 SoCs, enabling accelerated development of autonomous driving algorithms such as sensor fusion of the vehicle’s 8 lidar, 5 radar, forward-smart camera, V2X box, and IMU. Cogent Embedded’s 3D Surround View and Forward Camera Lane Detection running on an RCar H2 SoC bring state-of-the-art Computer Vision to the Skyline Fleet. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) 5.9 GHz DSRC Communication is integrated into the system using both the R-Car W2R and R-Car E2 SoC. The Skyline Fleet will enable Renesas to work closely with OEM and Tier1 customers to accelerate the delivery of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology to markets all over the world.