Renesas introduces proven in-vehicle microcontrollers into the application fields that require higher performance and higher reliability such as aircraft.

Renesas’ Automotive Microcontrollers for the Space Industry!

Introducing Renesas’ highly-reliable microcontrollers that have been developed in the automotive industry into the aerospace field.
The automotive microcontrollers adopted in automobiles around the world are limited to two products to expand the sales for the aerospace field. Note, however, that the product is designed without consideration for space radiation. Accordingly, the product does not guarantee radiation resistance.
We request the customers to perform the radiation test before using the product.

System Scale and Images of the Microcontrollers

システム規模と各マイコンのイメージ SH725x、SH72Ax、V850E2/Fx4-L



1. Higher performance
  • SH72544R can run at a high speed of 200MHz
2. Higher reliability
  • Actions against a software error
    ⇒The memory incorporates ECC, and the package is made of low-alpha resin
  • The SH7250 series has a proven track record for total production of 40Mpcs, and the failure rate is 1ppm or less
  • This product can run in a wider temperature range. (Ta = -40 °C to 125 °C)
3. Lower power consumption
  • The power consumption of this product is lowered to 0.4W regardless of the higher performance
    (SH72544R Typ. value, Conditions: Ta = 125 °C, f = 200MHz)
4. Long-period supply
  • This product adopts the cutting-edge 90nm process, and the stable supply for 10 years is secured
5. Compatibility with the highly-reliable RTOS for space equipment
  • T2AS has been ported in SH72544R
6. Proven and enriched development environment
  • The tool vendor provides the evaluation board and development environment


Microcontrollers for the Space Field

Product name Max. frequency Supply
Memory capacity Operating temperature Feature

The high-performance SH7250 series incorporates the floating-point operation unit for engine control.
The microcontroller is mainly appropriate for the engine control in the automotive field.

R5F72544RKBGV#US 200MHz 3.3V
(I/O: 5.0V)
ROM: 2.5MB
RAM: 128KB
Data Flash
-40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃ Engine Control Timer
Memory ECC Function
12-bit ADC
R5F72533KFPU#US 160MHz 3.3V
(I/O: 5.0V)
Data Flash
-40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃


Restrictions for Supply to the Customers

Renesas is asking the customers in the aerospace field to confirm the application and agree on the use conditions described below before using two models of the devices. For details, access the following link.

  1. The design, manufacture and quality check are intended for use in automotive applications. Accordingly, the product is not designed and manufactured in consideration of use for aerospace.
  2. Establish the required fail-safe design.
  3. In the case of a failure in the device, Renesas will take the actions equivalent to those of the shipment inspection. However, an additional analysis will be provided at the customer’s expense if a customer requires it.
  4. Please note that the compensation for a failure in the device is limited to replacement of the devices.
  5. If a failure in the device damages the device on the customer side, or if an accident related to the product liability occurs, Renesas is willing to analyze such failure or accident, but accepts no responsibility for such failure or accident (does not pay compensation and others).
  6. Do not use the device for applications other than the specified ones.
  7. Even when production of the model the customers are using is in progress, the device may be maintained or discontinued due to a change in the market and others.
  8. The device must be assembled on the board domestically.