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Commencing with SSP 2.0.0, Renesas will no longer be distributing the latest releases of TraceX. For SSP 2.0.0 and future SSP releases users can download the latest version of Azure RTOS TraceX from the Microsoft App Store. This older archived version of TraceX will continue to be available here; however it’s strongly recommended that users upgrade to newer versions of TraceX for SSP 2.0.0 and future releases.

TraceX® is a host-based graphical analysis tool from Microsoft Corp. that allows developers to visualize real-time system events. It provides detailed execution information, including event timing, task execution profiles and performance statistics, enabling users to detect bugs and identify performance bottlenecks. In addition, TraceX provides visibility into system events that are not typically shown in standard debugging tools, such as interrupts and context switches.

TraceX is fully integrated with ThreadX® and allows users to view detailed thread status information. It also enables users to track thread behaviors, such as thread suspensions, resumptions, preemptions, priority inversions, and timeouts. Developers can utilize this information to enhance application performance and to debug real-time issues.

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Current Public Release

Release Date:2010-12-21

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124, S5D9

MD5: faa0a4597371ed65e8fd38ecfd3f92a1

Installation Instructions

During installation please allow changes to your computer in User Account Control.Execute setup.exe as ADMIN by right-click on setup.exe and select execute as admin.The "tag" file has the license info for TraceX. When the software doesn't see this file, it defaults to "Evaluation Version." During extraction of the ZIP file, the TAG file will be placed in the same folder together with the installation executable of TraceX. When it is present at installation, the installer will set things up so that TraceX uses this license info.Please check at startup for license information. Serial number needs to be "Synergy_Use_Only"In case the serial number reads "Demonstration Use Only" please proceed as below and copy the tracex.tag file into the same folder as tracex.exe.If you used the recommended folder, it will be located here: C:\Express_Logic\TraceX_5.2.0If TraceX was already installed as evaluation version, this tag file can be dropped into the same directory as the TraceX executable (C:\Express_Logic\TraceX_5.2.0). Close and reopen TraceX. Next time TraceX is executed, the new license info for Synergy_Use_Only will appear.