The e2 studio Integrated Solution Development Environment (ISDE) is specifically designed for the Synergy Platform and offers tools for three phases of the software design process: preparation phase, build phase and debug phase.

For the preparation phase, e2 studio features graphical configurators for hardware options, including MCU pin assignments, and software options such as RTOS thread assignments. Built-in error checking ensures valid selections are made, notifying the user of any conflicts or violations.

e2 studio also includes features designed to streamline the build phase.

  • Automatic code generation
  • Built-in code templates
  • Automated code constructs
  • Keyword color-coding
  • Jump-to declarations
  • Variable autocomplete
  • Context-aware manuals save developers additional time and effort

For the debug phase, e2 studio provides multiple ways to gain deep visibility into code execution. Debug tools enable dynamic tracking of thread execution times and interrupt service routines, as well as visualization of overall system behavior. Comprehensive debug and analysis capabilities simplify troubleshooting of real-time system events.

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