In case of a license for an old version, you can use a new version of the compiler at low cost by additionally registering a Upgrade (version) License.


Select the Form of License That Suits Your Pattern of Development

You can choose from among the four types of Renesas compiler license listed below for your development.

  • Standard edition, Node Locked License
  • Standard edition, Floating License
  • Professional edition, Node Locked License
  • Professional edition, Floating License

These licenses with valid period are intended to support changes in the customer’s development framework over time. They are a supplement to the permanent licenses, which have no limit on the period.

Map of Renesas compiler licenses


Floating License

  • The licenses for the software are managed on a server, and are available for use on the PCs connected to a network within the range of the number of the licenses.
  • Connection with a license server on the network is required.
  • The license resides on a client PC for 30 minutes after it is obtained at the start of building. If building has not finished after the 30 minutes have elapsed, the client PC retains the license for another 30 minutes. This cycle is repeated until building is finished.
  • To use the license while disconnected from the network that includes the license server, customers can hold the license for a fixed period (as a number of days up to 99). Once the period which has been specified with the client elapses, the held license expires.

Flow of flowating license

Standard and Professional Edition

Standard edition
The C-language specifications that comply with the ANSI standard are supported. These editions provide the essential features for writing programs to run on embedded devices.
Professional edition
In addition to the features of the Standard edition, the Professional edition has advanced features that can help improve the quality of your program and shorten development time. The features of the Professional edition and supported compilers are shown in the table below. For details of features, see the  Renesas Compilers Application Note Professional Editions. You can also learn more about these features by clicking " Details" in the table (Tool News).

Additional Features of Professional Edition

Features of the Professional Edition CC-RL CC-RX CC-RH
Checking of source code against MISRA-C: 2004/2012 rules (Note) Details ]
Detection of stack smashing [  Details ]
Enhanced security for dynamic memory management functions [  Details ]
Function to detect illegal indirect function calls [  Details ]
Dynamic checking based on dynamic analysis and device information
Half-precision floating-point
Synchronization function working when control registers are updated [  Details ]

 Supported |  Support in the next or later editions is under review. | — Support is not planned.


  • MISRA C is a set of guidelines developed by a non-profit organization, the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA), regarding the reliability of software in the C programming language, particularly that for use in the automotive industry. More than 100 rules are set as guidelines regarding code in the C language. These rules are called MISRA C rules.
  • "MISRA" and the triangle logo are registered trademarks of HORIBA MIRA Ltd, held on behalf of the MISRA Consortium.

Upgrade (edition) License

If you have a node-locked license for a standard edition, you can upgrade from the standard edition to a professional edition by additionally registering an Upgrade (edition) License.

It does not apply to floating licenses and annual licenses.


  1. Note that this form of upgrade (of the edition) is only for node-locked licenses.

Map of Upgrade (edition) License

Upgrade (version) License

The compiler licenses differ with the version. For example, V1.**.** and V2.**.** have different licenses since they are different versions.

In case of a license for an old version, you can use a new version of the compiler at low cost by additionally registering a Upgrade (version) License.

This license allows you to use compilers of both new and old versions.

This form of upgrade does not apply to annual licenses.

Upgrade (version) License

Permanent License and Annual License

Permanent license
  • No limit applies to the period of use for permanent licenses.
  • A permanent license is made effective by registering the license key that accompanies the compiler product with a license manager or floating license server.
Annual license
  • An annual license is valid for one year. The valid period is one year from initial registration with the Renesas Web site of the license acquisition code which accompanies the compiler product.
  • This license becomes valid after a license key is acquired by registering the license acquisition code with the Renesas Web site (Note1) and this code is then registered with the license manager or floating license server (Note2).
  • The price of an annual license is lower than that of a permanent license.

This may help to reduce your total costs, since compiler licenses can be purchased to suit variations in the framework proceeding with development.


  1. To acquire the license key which is required to use a compiler product, select [Obtaining a Subscription License Key] from the menu shown after logging-in to MyRenesas and register the license acquisition code which is included with the compiler product.
  2. The license key of the acquired annual license becomes usable after you have registered it with the below tools for the management of licenses.
    Node-locked license
    License manager V2.00.00 and later versions
    Floating license
    Floating license server V2.00.00 and later versions

Difference between Permanent License and Annual License

Applicable Compilers and Forms of Provision

Applicable MCUs Compiler name Product name
RL78 CC-RL C Compiler Package for RL78 Family
RX CC-RX C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family
RH850 CC-RH C Compiler Package for RH850 Family

Minimum Required Version for Compiler License

Applicable MCUs Compiler name Standard and Professional edition Upgrade (edition) License Floating License Annual license Upgrade (version) License
RL78 CC-RL V1.01.00 V1.01.00 V1.01.00 V1.01.00
RX CC-RX V2.04.00 V2.04.00 V2.03.00 V2.03.00 V3.00.00
RH850 CC-RH V1.03.00 V1.03.00 V1.02.00 V1.02.00 V2.00.00

Evaluation Edition

  • The Professional editions can be used during a trial period (Note1).
  • After the period, the licenses will revert to those for the Standard editions, and the linkage size becomes restricted (Note2).

Trial period of evaluation edition


  1. The trial period is the 60 days from the day the first build is executed after installing an evaluation edition.
  2. The linkage size differs with the compiler. CC-RL: 64 KB or smaller, CC-RX: 128 KB or smaller, CC-RH: 256 KB or smaller

Software License Agreement

TitleTypeLast Updated DateSize
Software License Agreement for Node-Locked License (permanent)
PDF 17 Nov 2015 115 KB
Software License Agreement for Floating License (permanent)
PDF 25 Apr 2019 114 KB
SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (for Node Locked License(annual))
Software License Agreement for Node-Locked License (annual)
PDF 06 Dec 2016 120 KB
SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (for Floating License(annual))
Software License Agreement for Floating License (annual)
PDF 06 Dec 2016 121 KB