We offer a complete line of high quality software, high spec easy-to-use development tools, and various boards and kits for development environment for RX Family.

This fully designed development environment helps you develop your system more effectively and efficiently; reduces your development time and cost yet improves the quality of system. Furthermore, we offer our partner products and they will also enable you to have development environment best fit to your needs.

Development Environment for RX Family


Our "RX Driver Package" and "RX real-time OS Package (for FreeRTOSTM (Note1))" enable you to jump start your development. The packages include on-board program, peripheral function driver, middleware, documents for use, and more, which are necessary to start developing software. Extensive sample codes and documents for the application examples and control samples for the packages are also available.

Application Program Interface (API) for the RX Family and software module configuration based on Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) make our software products compatible with Embedded Workbench by IAR Systems, Micrium software products, and more, helping you more concentrate on developing application.


  1. FreeRTOSTM is a trade mark of Amazon.com, Inc.

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Development Tool

Renesas offers two types of integrated development environment, e² studio and CS+. They help you easily operate all the basic functions from coding through building and debugging, contributing to shortening your development term. See the features listed below.

Main features of IDEs

e² studio and CS+ e² studio CS+
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Powerful editor function
  • High spec compiler
  • Code generating function by GUI
  • Usable static code analysis
  • QE tool for the particular applications
  • Import and Export function of projects
  • IDE based on the open source Eclipse
  • Many extended plug-in functions
  • Renesas Smart Utilities
    • Smart Manual
    • Smart Browser
    • Assistant for Optimization
  • FIT configurator
  • Renesas originally designed IDE
  • Smart Functions
    • Smart Manual
    • Smart Browser
    • Interoperability with the Smart Configurator
    • Smart Reports
    • Optimization Performance Comparison Tool

Smart Utilities which assist your development (Smart Manual, Smart Browser, etc.), QE tool which assists debugging (Quick and Effective tool solution), and more features support your system development for motor solutions, touch solutions, and USB solutions.

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Boards & Kits

We offer various boards; Renesas Starter Kit, an affordable development tool kit and allows you to get started evaluating immediately, Renesas Solution Starter Kit, best suited for evaluating Renesas solutions for motor control and touch key control, and more available.

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