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After installing the Synergy Software Package (SSP) and development tools, you are ready to begin developing. Please note that a Synergy Kit is required to execute and debug the projects.

The Synergy Platform Difference - Making Development Easy

Development using the Synergy Platform is different than developing for other microcontrollers (MCUs). One of the most powerful elements of the Synergy Platform is the many high-level application frameworks provided in the Synergy Software Package. The APIs provided in these frameworks abstract development from a specific hardware implementation to the point that moving from one Synergy MCU to another can be done with almost no changes to the application code. The powerful application frameworks inside the Synergy Software Package will get your application to market faster, with a lot less time spent on integrating software components.

Users can begin developing with the Synergy Platform using one of the following three ways:

Developing with Application Projects

An application project contains the source code, e2 studio and IAR project files, and documentation about importing the application. Application projects are available on the application projects page of the Solutions Gallery. Be sure to pick an application project that supports the kit you are using.

Developing with Specialized Partner Projects

You could also start with one of the many specialized application projects developed by Renesas partners. Partner projects are available on the partner projects page of the Solutions Gallery.

These projects may require connecting additional hardware with a Synergy Kit. Some Partner Projects may be libraries and hence cannot be executed standalone.

Creating Your First Synergy Project

Refer to Chapter 3 – “Starting Development” of the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) v1.7.5 User's Manual (PDF) for guidance on how to create your own Synergy project from scratch.


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