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To start developing using the Synergy Platform, the Synergy Software Package and development tools will need to be installed on your computer. You could also install some optional specialized software add-ons, libraries, debugging utilities, and other tools depending on your requirements.

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Downloading and Installing the Synergy Software Package and Development Tools (Required)

Visit the Synergy Software Package page and scroll down to the "Gallery Download" section. Click the "Download" button. Select and download one of the two platform installers to install the following:

  • e2 studio platform installer – Installs the Synergy Software Package and eclipse-based e2 studio integrated development environment with GCC ARM embedded compiler and J-Link USB Drivers.
  • IAR platform installer – Installs the Synergy Software Package and IAR Embedded Workbench for Synergy integrated development environment with IAR complier and J-Link USB Drivers.

Useful Tips

We recommend that new users use the "Quick Install" option provided in the installation wizard, to minimize the amount of manual configuration needed. You can always come back and install additional options later.

The platform installer includes the Synergy Software Package as well as the selected development tool. There is no need to install these packages separately.

For your reference, the Synergy Software Package user manual is also included in both platform installers.

Downloading and Installing Additional Software Add-ons and Debugging Utilities (Optional)

You can download additional software libraries, stacks and more from the verified software add-ons and SSP supplemental add-ons sections of the Solutions Gallery if your application requires specialized software functionality.


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