Renesas RapidIO Switches are supported by an extensive list of hardware and software evaluation tools. These include tools that are developed by Renesas and commercially available platforms from other suppliers that are optimized for evaluating RapidIO-based applications.

These evaluation tools reduce the amount of time, risk, and cost, associated with taking a Renesas-based RapidIO Switch into production. The links below may take you to other supplier’s web pages, where you will find more details on the products and ordering information.

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Tool Description
RapidIO 10xN (Gen3) Evaluation Board RapidIO prototyping platform leveraging Renesas's 10xN (Gen3) switches. Contact Renesas to request.
StarBridge RapidExpress Switch Box & Bridge Card StarBridge offering for RapidIO Gen2-based networking with RapidIO switch box and PCIe bridge cards
STX SRDP2 Serial RapidIO Development Platform 2 (SRDP2) is a prototyping platform that leverages Renesas's RapidIO Gen2 Switches