e² studio

e² studio


The e² studio ISDE is specifically designed for the Synergy Platform and offers tools for three phases of the software design process: preparation phase, build phase, and debug phase.


For the preparation phase, e² studio features graphical configurators for hardware options, including MCU pin assignments, and software options such as RTOS thread assignments. Built-in error checking ensures valid selections are made, notifying the user of any conflicts or violations.


e² studio also includes features designed to streamline the build phase, such as automatic code generation, built-in code templates, and automated code constructs. Keyword color-coding, jump-to declarations, variable autocomplete, and context-aware manuals save developers additional time and effort.


For the debug phase, e² studio provides multiple ways to gain deep visibility into code execution. Debug tools enable dynamic tracking of thread execution times and interrupt service routines, as well as visualization of overall system behavior. Comprehensive debug and analysis capabilities simplify troubleshooting of real-time system events.


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Version 6.2.0.R20180102

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2018-03-28

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124, S3A3, S128, S5D9, S5D5, S3A6, S3A1

MD5: 62b0a03936a986057c2b649ef0f29677


What's New?

Updated SEGGER J-Link® Arm® DLL - The Segger J-Link® Arm® dll distributed with e2 studio has been updated to v6.20h. 

Support for Upgrading Projects from SSP v1.2.z/v1.3.z to SSP v1.4.0 - SSC v6.2.0 includes automated support for upgrading projects from SSP v1.2.z/v1.3.z to SSP v1.4.0. Projects are upgraded by changing the SSP version on the BSP tab from SSP v1.2.z / v1.3.z to SSP v1.4.0, re-generating the project content, and re-building the project. 

New Launch Bar - e2 studio v6.2.0 features a new Launch Bar. This launch bar makes it easier to understand what happens when the build and debug buttons are pressed. 

Updated Smart Browser - The Smart Browser view has been enhanced to show when updates are available for items shown within the user interface.

Improved Stack Usage display in the RTOS Resources view - Stack usage is now shown in a graphical way when using the Partner OS plugin and ThreadX®.

Added XML Comparator - e2 studio now has an XML file comparison tool built into the UI. This can be used for the configuration.xml files in the Synergy Configuration Editor.

Option to close debug views that are not supported by the current debug session - e2 studio v6.2.0 includes a new option to close any debug views that are not supported by the current Synergy debug session.

Additional information on this new functionality can be found in the Release Note

Installation Instructions

The easiest way to install e2 studio along with the Synergy Software Package is to use the Synergy Platform Installer.

Download the Synergy Platform Installer for e2 studio from this page, Unzip it, then double-click the installer and follow the directions on the screen.

The Synergy Platform Installer lets users do a 'Quick' or a 'Custom' installation.

The quick installation option will install only the mandatory platform components with no user input required

The custom installation option lets the user select additional optional components along with the mandatory components.

For more information on the available optional components, as well as detailed installation instructions for both the e2 studio platform installer & the individual e2 studio package, please refer to chapter 1 of the release notes, available for download from this page.