Renesas offers the industry’s widest selection of silicon timing ICs, making it a one-stop-shop for demanding industrial applications. This broad portfolio supports many industrial applications including communications equipment, industrial control, automotive infotainment, factory automation, medical devices, and Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

  • Industrial temperature grade parts are available for systems that must function in demanding environments
  • Best-in-class phase noise and spurious performance to ensure highly precise clock at destination chips
  • Integrated series resistors and voltage regulators for differential outputs. Minimal external component count with maximum performance
  • Available 1.2V/1.5V core operation minimizes power consumption
  • A wide range of I/O configurations allows 'right-sizing' the clock to the design, resulting in the smallest footprint device for the application
  • Small footprint and low power with multiple outputs to aid in crystal replacement (good idea AC)
  • Scalable solutions, core devices available in different I/O counts to fit your exact needs
  • Devices focused on industry standards and performance benchmarks




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