Masaki Hama
Senior Staff Engineer

Renesas 32-bit proprietary core RX Microcontroller was launched a decade ago. And, thanks to great support from all the customers, we are now celebrating the RX 10th Year Anniversary. For more than 10 years, I have been involved in the field of microcontrollers (as a programmer in assembly) at Renesas Electronics. I wish I could be the same age as RX in Renesas.




The data sensed by the infrared sensor in the left picture is sent to the cloud, and the image on the right is then displayed in the web browser. User only required to use the RX MCU development environment and no addition development is needed for the Bluetooth software driver portion. Configuration of the Bluetooth setting in the Smart Configurator can be set easily in the same way as other peripheral functions through the GUI setting. This allows the Bluetooth drivers and program code for the peripheral functions to be generated easily.


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