μPD809508 is a narrow band power line communication modem IC. μPD809508 integrates a high performance DSP core and a MCU core (MAC controller). μPD809508 can support a variety of PLC protocols such as G3-PLC (CENELEC, ARIB and FCC), PRIME and many others.


  • High performance DSP
    • Handles PLC PHY layer protocol
    • Operates up to 240MHz
  • MAC controller (MCU)
    • Handles PLC MAC layer and network layer operation
  • AES encryption/decryption engine
  • Analog Front End circuit
    • ADC/DAC : 10bits
    • Gain amplifier by programable control (DSP)
  • Interface : UART


System Block Diagram

The following shows an example of system configuration of PLC module using μPD809508.
Communication between the μPD809508 and the external MCU is performed via the UART.



  • Smart meter
  • Energy management system (HEMS, BEMS, FEMS etc.)
  • Lighting equipment control
  • Solar power system


  • HEMS:Home Energy Management System
  • BEMS:Building Energy Management System
  • FEMS:Factory Energy Management System