Update: February 21, 2019
Silicon Linux Corporation

It is a reference board compatible with 96 boards equipped with Renesas MCU RZ/G2E.

Product Overview

It consists of two boards, main board and sub board, and most of RZ/G2E mounted functions can be evaluated by connecting the child sub board.

Processor : RZ/G2E
Main Memory : 2GB DDR3L
QSPI NOR Flash : 64MByte
I2C EEPROM : 512Byte
External Storage : micro SD x1
Connectivity : USB2.0 x2ch, USB3.0 x1ch, GbE x1
HDMI out / LVDS out or MIPI DSI out
Wi-Fi + BT
PMIC intersil
Dimension : 54 mm x 85 mm

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