The HIP2103_4MBEVAL1Z is an evaluation tool for the HIP2103 and HIP2104 half bridge MOSFET drivers. This tool consists of a mother board and HIP2103DBEVAL1Z and HIP2104DBEVAL1Z evaluation daughter cards. The motherboard platform provides an on-board microcontroller that is used to generate appropriate control inputs to the HIP2103 or HIP2104. The frequency, the PWM duty cycle, and the dead-time provided by the microcontroller are user adjustable.


  • 60V maximum bootstrap supply voltage
  • 3.3V and 12V LDOs with dedicated enable pins (HIP2104)
  • 5µA sleep mode quiescent current
  • 4V undervoltage lockout
  • 3.3V or 5V CMOS compatible inputs with hysteresis
  • Integrated bootstrap FET (replaces traditional boot strap diode)


  • Half bridge, full bridge and BLDC motor drives
  • UPS and inverters
  • Class-D amplifiers
  • Any switch mode power circuit requiring a half bridge driver


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