Low-Cost Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Evaluation Board


The ISL32704EVAL1Z board enables the evaluation of the ISL32704E isolated, half-duplex RS-485 transceiver in a typical bus node application, used in isolated industrial networks.

The ISL32704E is a galvanically isolated, differential bus transceiver designed for bidirectional data transmission and meeting the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for balanced communication. Each of the bus terminals, A and B, is protected against ±15kV ESD strikes without latch-up.

The device uses Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) as isolation technology. A unique ceramic/polymer composite barrier provides excellent isolation and virtually unlimited barrier life.

Key Features

  • Tiny isolated RS-485 transceiver
  • Drive capability of up to 32 x 1UL-transceivers
  • Isolated 3.3V to 5V DC/DC converter with regulated output
  • Small total device footprint of 183mm2


  • Factory automation
  • Security networks
  • Building environmental control systems
  • Industrial/process control networks
  • Level translators (i.e., RS-232 to RS-485)

ISL32704EVAL1Z Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Eval Board

ISL32704EVAL1Z Isolated RS-485 Transceiver Eval Board

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