The ISL59482EVAL1Z evaluation board contains the ISL59482 dual 4:1 RGB MUX amp and associated components needed to implement an 8:1 RGB+H/V sync video multiplexer. The eight video input ports, and single output port are accessed using standard 15-pin VGA female connectors. The I/O connectors are compatible with most VGA, SVGA and XGA video sources and video monitors with VGA cable interfaces. A typical application would use the ISL59482EVAL1Z board to multiplex anywhere from two to eight PCs or laptops to a single video monitor or projector.


  • Triple 4:1 multiplexers for RGB
  • Externally configurable for various video MUX circuits including:
    • 8:1 RGB MUX
    • Two separate 4:1 RGB MUX
    • 4:1 differential RGB video MUX
  • 520MHz bandwidth into 500Ω load
  • Supply current 16mA/CH
  • ±5V operation
  • Power-down mode (EN)
  • High impedance outputs (HIZ)


  • Analog inputs
  • Video projectors
  • Computer monitors
  • Set-top boxes
  • Security video
  • Broadcast video equipment


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