Cloud Computing enables new automotive business models like for example: Fleet management or Extended driver monitoring via cloud computing algorithms. But during offline periods and for functions that require real-time or low latency performance, embedded Edge Computing located in the car is needed.

Renesas R-Car SoC’s include embedded IPs designed to support such important Edge Computing capabilities.

The Renesas Connected SDK Demo shows two features needed for the connected car:
1) Renesas software tool that enables Cloud Services developers to develop their applications based on simulated traffic situations and sensor data of real cars. Based on this real-world simulation the Cloud Service will be benchmarked during the development phase to stand offline phases and poor GPS connection areas
2) Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Edge Computing application that uses R-Car embedded IPs to provide local high resolution and low latency functionality. These data will be carrier bandwidth optimized condensed, uploaded to the cloud and used for further Cloud computing applications.

This demo is supported by Renesas partners AWS (Cloud Server), HERE (Cloud Map service) and Jungo (DMS).