Properly detect touch events without malfunctioning even in running water.

This capacitive touch solution demonstrates improved waterproof capabilities, which were difficult for conventional capacitive touch solutions. In conventional capacitive touch solutions, since it was difficult to differentiate between the change in capacitance due to a touch by a finger and the change in capacitance due to contact with water, false detections due to water were a major issue. Renesas' waterproof capacitive touch solution enables capacitive touch to be used in scenarios that were previously avoided due to the high probability of hands being wet, such as electronic devices used in the kitchen or bathroom, or outdoors. Capacitive touch interfaces can now be used in kitchen appliances, washing machines, bathroom appliances, outdoor equipment such as vending machines that could become wet due to rain, and factory and agricultural equipment that handle water. This demo uses Renesas' second-generation touch IP technology and a combination of mutual capacitive methods and Renesas' original algorithm to realize correct touch detection without malfunctioning even with water flowing over the electrode.