Learn how quick and easy power system design can be with Intersil's code-free digital power configuration software. The latest release includes new features such as PowerMap, Rail Inspector and RailScope.


Hi, my name is Brandon Howell, and I handle technical marketing at Intersil for our digital power products. Today, I'm going to be introducing PowerNavigator 5.2, the latest version of our GUI for all of our digital power products.

PowerNavigator 5.2, what's new? So, PowerNavigator 5.2 is a performance and feature set upgrade of our current PowerNavigator 5.1 release. It has several new features. It has performance and stability improvements. It has support for a new and improved PowerMap view. I'll be going into some detail on that in a later video. Addition of our Rail Inspector tool for device configuration. Addition of a RailScope to plot telemetry in real-time, and again, I'll be covering that feature in a follow on video. And then we've added support for additional digital power products.

As far as what devices are supported by 5.2, this slide lists all of our supported devices. We have integrated FET regulators, single phase point of load, dual output/dual phase point of load, digital multiphase, digital modules, and a new product family called digital power monitors that have been added to PowerNavigator 5.2.

As far as where you can download PowerNavigator 5.2, if you go to the PowerNavigator product page, you will find a download link for that. There will be a form to fill out with some username and some contact info so we can keep you up to date on all of our latest digital power and PowerNavigator offerings. And that's a good place to find all of our latest versions of our software.