The IDT PhiClock™ 9FGV100x PCIe Gen 4 clock generators combine space savings, high performance and low power in a single, easy-to-use solution. All PhiClock PCIe reference clock devices integrate crystal load capacitors and offer an optional integrated crystal to simplify designs and save board space. When configured with HCSL outputs for PCIe applications, PhiClock products integrate the output termination resistors, further reducing board space. Extremely small 3 x 3 mm and 4 x 4 mm packages complement the integration for maximum space savings. The programmable PhiClock clock generators combine outstanding PCIe Gen4 performance and outstanding Ethernet performance with phase jitter as low as 225fs rms at 156.25MHz (12k-20M). Extremely low power consumption (as low as 100 mW at 1.8V) allows placement closer to high-power components, which also reduces board space requirements.