Q: How can I join the R-Car Consortium?

A: You will need to qualify for membership, and sign the specified agreements. Get more details about how to join the R-Car Consortium.

Q: Can companies outside Japan join the Consortium?

A: Membership is also available to overseas companies; however, various events are currently held mainly in Japan.

Q: Are there any participation fees?

A: There are no participation fees to be part of the Consortium. Some exceptions may apply.

Q: What types of companies join the consortium?

A: Middleware/applications, OSs, and tool vendors and system integrators are our most common members. For details, view Partner Information.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the R-Car Consortium?

A: Members get access to a development environment, including evaluation boards and software tools needed for evaluation. Members also receive extended support for co-developing a demonstration platform using an R-Car solution, and opportunities to promote and exhibit products.

Q: I forgot my Login ID.

A: Login ID is your email address. If it's unavailable or cannot be found, Please contact from R-Car consortium inquiry form.

Q: I forgot my password.

A: From the login screen, click "Forgot your password?" to initialize the password. R-Car Consortium can NOT provide password information.

Q: Though I am a member of R-Car Consortium, I am unable to access the contents for members.

A: We will provide the access rights. Please contact from R-Car consortium inquiry form.