The MCU unit is a MCU-dependent hardware tool for the E100 emulator. Connecting it to the E100 emulator main unit allows you to configure a debugging environment for your target system. It is easy for the user to replace. [Learn More]

This emulator has restrictions. SeeR0E521500MCU00 Release Notes (E100 Emulator MCU Unit for R8C Family R8C/5x Series) (PDF | English, 日本語)for details.

Target Devices


Type Title Date
Upgrade - Debugger Log in to Download ZIP 148.76 MB 日本語
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Additional Details


Item Description
Applicable emulator E100
Supported MCUs R8C/5x Series MCU
Applicable MCU mode Single-chip mode
Maximum ROM/RAM capacity (1) Internal flash ROM : 256KB + 4KB
      08000h to 47FFFh,
      07000h to 07FFFh
(2) Internal RAM : 20KB
      00400h to 053FFh
Maximum operating frequency Power supply voltage : 2.7 to 5.5[V] 32MHz
Emulator power supply Supplied from the DC power of the emulator
Overseas standards ・European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
・US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


  • MCU unit (R0E521500MCU00)
  • Flexible cable (Mounted on the MCU unit)
  • 16MHz oscillator module (Mounted on the MCU unit)
  • CD-ROM (M16C R8C E100 emulator software) 
    - M16C R8C E100 emulator debugger (Including High-performance Embedded Workshop)
    - Auto-update utility
    - User's manual

Optional Products

The R0E521500MCU00 is available for the R8C/5x Series MCUs by using with the following converter boards.

Converter board Applicable MCU Groups
R0E53054ECFK60 (PLQP0048KB-A) R8C/54E, 54F, 54G, 54H Groups
R0E53036ACFK40 (PLQP0064KB-A) R8C/56E, 56F, 56G, 56H Groups