These kits support the certification of development tools which are required for the IEC 61508 functional safety standard. They are intended for customers who are using RX compilers in developing products for industrial applications.


  • These certification kits reduce the need for checking the appropriateness of the software tool with regard to the requirements for acquiring IEC61508 certification.
  • Using RX devices in the development of industrial systems that are to incorporate functional safety. [Details of the functional safety solutions]
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Release Information

Product Name Description Release Date Details of Release
IEC61508 Certification Kit for RX Compilers V3.01.00 This certification kit is for the V3.01.00 C/C++ Compiler Packages for the RX Family (separately available). Dec 23, 2019 See Tool News

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Additional Details

Downloading V3.01.00 of CC-RX

Product Name IDEs Description
[Evaluation Software] CS+ for CC V8.02.00 (Single Download) (ZIP | English, 日本語) CS+ Bundled with CS+
RX Compiler CC-RX V3.01.00 for e² studio (ZIP | English, 日本語) e² studio For use with the e² studio
RX Compiler CC-RX V3.01.00 for CS+ (ZIP | English, 日本語) CS+ Update module for the CC-RX compiler; not bundled with CS+

Contents of the Product

The IEC61508 certification kits for RX compilers provide the following documents:

  • IEC61508 certificate that TÜV Rheinland has issued for C/C++ compiler for RX family
  • Report about the evaluation of Renesas Compiler Suite CC-RX
  • IEC61508-certified safety manual for C/C++ compiler for RX family
  • Failure information for C/C++ compiler for RX family (Failure, conditions, workaround)

Contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor for details of the kits.


  • These certification kits support qualification of confidence in a tool being in accordance with IEC 61508, but do not guarantee the acquisition of functional safety certification.
  • Please confirm the acquisition of full functional safety certification with a certification authority.
  • The kits do not include a compiler. You will need a V3 or V2 C/C++ Compiler Package for the RX Family, and the appropriate kit depends on the compiler version. If you do not have a V3 or V2 package, you will need to obtain it as a separate purchase.
  • You will also need to follow the advice in 3.3, Recommended Usage of Renesas C/C++ Compiler, in the safety manual. Since the safety manual is part of the certification kits, be sure to contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor to inquire about the recommended methods of usage in general before making a purchase.
  • If you are using a compiler that is not listed in the "Description" column of the Release Information, or if you intend to use a compiler under conditions that in some way do not meet the instructions on recommended usage in the safety manual, consider our Compiler Qualification Service (to Support Functional Safety).

License Agreement

Before purchasing this product, please be sure to check the following license agreement.

Title Last Updated Date
License Agreement for RX Compiler V3.01.00 IEC 61508 Certification Kit (PDF | English, 日本語) LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR RX Compiler V3.01.00 IEC 61508 Certification Kit 04 Dec 2019

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IEC61508 Certification Kit for RX Compilers V3.01.00 RTCRX0000TC03ZNR