Renesas provides the industry's broadest range of connectivity technologies and devices. With 25 years of experience developing connectivity solutions and billions of units sold, Renesas delivers a full wireless offering for personal area networks, wide area networks, and low-power wide area networks, from sensor to processor to antenna. Key differentiators of our portfolio include industry-best ultra-low power, small system footprint, end-to-end security, and mature and proven stack software for maximum interoperability, as well as reliability to address both discrete and system-level design needs. Our parts are supported by mature software development kits enabling seamless compatibility with Renesas MCUs, MPUs, PMICs, sensors, and more.

Wireless Communications Technology Solutions

Matter is a single unified IP-based protocol to securely and robustly connect smart devices with each other, regardless of brand, and across smart home ecosystems. Renesas' Matter component is an integral part of the company's vision for a connected home, and it will be supported by all of Renesas' connectivity products.

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Bluetooth® Low Energy

Power efficient, low cost Bluetooth low energy solutions

Cellular IoT Modules

Directly connect to the internet without the need for a gateway


IC solutions for worldwide DECT 1.9GHz interference-free frequency bands


Ground-breaking NFC technology and products for wireless charging, mobile and PoS

Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN Transceivers

Sub-GHz wireless communication devices with high RF characteristics and low power consumption


Ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoCs/modules and Wi-Fi 5/6/6E networking products

Wireless Audio

Low-latency Hi-Fi audio devices

Wireless Baseband Modem (RapidWave™)

Baseband modem solutions for millimeter wave (mmWave) applications


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Princess Cruise Lines Uses WiRa Technology From Renesas To Deliver A Customized Passenger Experience

Princess CEO John Padgett talks about transforming the cruise industry with the Renesas DA14695 multi-core Bluetooth® SoC with WiRa in their onboard medallion system to monitor 4,000 Wi-Fi access points, 2,000 crew devices and 8,000 sensors in real time.