e² studio

e² studio


The e² studio ISDE is specifically designed for the Synergy Platform and offers tools for three phases of the software design process: preparation phase, build phase, and debug phase.


For the preparation phase, e² studio features graphical configurators for hardware options, including MCU pin assignments, and software options such as RTOS thread assignments. Built-in error checking ensures valid selections are made, notifying the user of any conflicts or violations.


e² studio also includes features designed to streamline the build phase, such as automatic code generation, built-in code templates, and automated code constructs. Keyword color-coding, jump-to declarations, variable autocomplete, and context-aware manuals save developers additional time and effort.


For the debug phase, e² studio provides multiple ways to gain deep visibility into code execution. Debug tools enable dynamic tracking of thread execution times and interrupt service routines, as well as visualization of overall system behavior. Comprehensive debug and analysis capabilities simplify troubleshooting of real-time system events.


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Version 7.3.0

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2019-04-03

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124, S3A3, S128, S5D9, S5D5, S5D3, S3A6, S3A1, S1JA

MD5: d7dd8a3fc1a86d98d30d815d83b836d4


What's New?

New Features in e2Studio 7.3.0

Developer Assist

Added developer assist to e2 studio to simplify use of SSP API calls. Template API calls for configured SSP modules are available in a structured tree and can be drag and dropped directly into user source code so accelerating code development.

Debugger time measurement

Accurate time measurement between breakpoints is now displayed on the debugger status bar

Modules folder

Intermediate SSP module files are now placed in a common location rather than in the project workspace to reduce storage space

SSP configurator

Usability enhancements have been added to the SSP configurator such as single module selection, search facilities and the ability to extend stacks up as well as down.

Option to centralise SSP installation

Designed to support large design teams who want to manage access to SSP updates. It is now possible to install SSP in a common server location available to all users.

Memory usages display

Bar graphs of RAM, Flash, Data Flash, external SRAM and QSPI  displayed after linker phase.

Segger debugger DLL

Updated to version 6.34e