The ISL70005SEHEV2Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the performance of the ISL70005SEH radiation hardened, 3A buck regulator and 1A source/sink LDO. The same board can be used to demonstrate the ISL73005SEH part, which is the same silicon die offered with different radiation assurance screening. The evaluation board is optimized for 3V to 5.5V input operation to generate a 3A, 1.8V to 3.3V buck output and a 1A source/sink, 1.2V LDO output. Input and output connections, toggle switches and jumper settings on the board provide the customer an easy-to-use evaluation platform for dual rail supplies for point-of-load (POL), FPGA and DDR memory power.


  • Dual point-of-load regulator: 3A buck and 1A source/sink LDO
  • Fully independent enable, soft-start, and power-good indicator
  • 3V to 5.5V operating voltage
  • On-board transient load current generators



  • Point-of-load (POL) for low power FPGA core, auxiliary and I/O supply voltages
  • DDR memory power for VDDQ and VTT rails
  • Distributed power system of satellite payloads


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