The ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH are radiation hardened and SEE mitigated power supply sequencers designed to drive Point-of-Load (POL) regulators with enable pins. Up to four power supplies can be fully sequenced by a single device or multiple devices can be easily cascaded to sequence an unlimited number of power supplies for dense RF applications. This power supply sequencer requires only two feedback resistors per power supply and a single resistor to set the rising and falling delay. The device features precision input comparators with an input threshold voltage of 600mV ±1.5% for the highest possible accuracy when monitoring the power supply voltages. The ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH are offered in an 18 Ld 10mm x 12mm CDFP package or die form and are fully specified across the military ambient temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C. With minimal external component count, precision voltage monitoring, and SET mitigation, the ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH are the ideal choice to control many of today’s highly dense power systems in high-reliability applications.


  • Wide operating voltage range, 3V to 13.2V
  • Single resistor sets the rising and falling delay
  • Power-off POLs in reverse order or simultaneously
  • Precision voltage monitoring
  • 600mV ±1.5% threshold voltage over temperature and radiation
  • Full military temperature range operation
  • TA = -55 °C to +125 °C
  • TJ = -55 °C to +150 °C
  • Radiation hardness
  • High dose rate (HDR) (50-300rad(Si)/s): 100krad(Si) - ISL70321SEH only
  • Low dose rate (LDR) (0.01rad(Si)/s): 75krad(Si) ISL70321SEH and ISL73321SEH
  • SEE hardness (Review SEE report for details)
  • No SEB/SEL LETTH, VDD = 14.7V: 86MeV•cm2/mg
  • SET, SEFI free at LET 20MeV•cm2/mg
  • Electrically screened to DLA SMD 5962-17225

Product Options

Part Number Part Status Pkg. Type Carrier Type MOQ DLA SMD Buy Sample
Active CFP Tray 1
Active CFP Tray 1 5962R1722501VXC
Active 100 5962R1722501V9A
Active Die Waffle Pack 1 5962R1722501V9A


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Datasheets & Errata
ISL70321SEH, ISL73321SEH Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.21 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN9867: End of Life Derating: A Necessity or Overkill Application Note PDF 338 KB
Ensuring Power Supply Sequencing in Spaceflight Systems White Paper PDF 547 KB
Wafer by Wafer Low Dose Rate Acceptance White Paper White Paper PDF 533 KB
PCN18008 - Part Marking Change for the Listed QML Products Product Change Notice PDF 846 KB
Intersil Space Products Brochure Brochure PDF 3.14 MB
Intersil Commercial Lab Services Brochure PDF 364 KB
ISL70321SEHDEMO1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 404 KB
ISL70321SEHEV1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 929 KB
ISL70321SEHDEMO1Z User Guide Manual PDF 687 KB
ISL70321SEHEVxZ User Guide Manual PDF 910 KB
ISL70321SEH Cascade Simulation for iSim:PE Model SXSCH 296 KB
ISL70321SEH PSPICE Model Model ZIP 137 KB
Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962-17225 (ISL70321SEH, ISL73321SEH) Other 0 KB
ISL70321SEH, ISL73321SEH SEE Test Report Report PDF 477 KB
ISL70321SEH Total Dose Test Report Report PDF 339 KB
ISL70321SEH Fault Test Simulation for iSim:PE Schematic SXSCH 231 KB
ISL70321SEH Standard Simulation for iSim:PE Schematic SXSCH 220 KB

Software & Tool Pages

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iSim:PE Offline Simulation Tool Simulator iSim Personal Edition (iSim:PE) speeds the design cycle and reduces risk early in any project, identifying parts that can be used in current as well as next-generation designs. Renesas

Boards & Kits

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ISL70321SEHDEMO1Z Radiation Hardened Quad Power Supply Sequencer Demonstration Board Demonstration Renesas
ISL70321SEHEV1Z Radiation Hardened Quad Power Supply Sequencer Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
ISL70321SEHEV2Z Radiation Hardened Quad Power Supply Sequencer Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
ISLRTG4DEMO1Z Renesas Radiation Hardened Power Solution for RTG4 FPGA Demonstration Renesas

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