The HS-2420EH is a radiation hardened monolithic circuit consisting of a high performance operational amplifier with its output in series with an ultra-low leakage analog switch and a MOSFET input unity gain amplifier. With an external hold capacitor connected to the switch output, a versatile high performance sample-and-hold or track-and-hold circuit is formed. When the switch is closed, the device behaves as an operational amplifier and any of the standard op amp feedback networks may be connected around the device to control gain, frequency response, etc. When the switch is opened, the output will remain at its last level. Performance as a sample-and-hold compares very favorably with other monolithic, hybrid, modular and discrete circuits. Accuracy to better than 0. 01% is achievable over the temperature range. Fast acquisition is coupled with superior droop characteristics, even at high temperatures. High slew rate, wide bandwidth and low acquisition time produce excellent dynamic characteristics. The ability to operate at gains greater than 1 frequently eliminates the need for external scaling amplifiers. The device may also be used as a versatile operational amplifier with a gated output for applications such as analog switches, peak holding circuits, etc. Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime (DLA). The SMD numbers listed here must be used when ordering. Detailed Electrical Specifications for these devices are contained in SMD https://landandmaritimeapps. dla. mil/Downloads/MilSpec/Smd/95669. pdf>5962-95669.


  • Electrically screened to SMD #5962-95669
  • QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements
  • Maximum acquisition time
  • 10V Step to 0.1%: 4µs
  • 10V Step to 0.01%: 6µs
  • Maximum drift current: 10nA (maximum over-temperature)
  • TTL compatible control input
  • Power supply rejection: 80dB
  • Radiation tolerance
  • High dose rate (50 to 300rad(Si)/s): 100krad(Si)
  • Low dose rate (0.01rad(Si)/s): 100krad(Si)*
    * Only the EH device is wafer-by-wafer acceptance tested at the low dose rate and guaranteed to 50krad(Si). The 100krad(Si) limit is established by characterization only.
  • No latch-up




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